Fine Dine-In Fridays: Lobster Risotto with Peas

As we continue to pay off a trip to Hong Kong and Thailand for our delayed honeymoon, Matt and I are trying different ways to save up. While we love trying new restaurants and hitting up our favourite food joints in Toronto, we’ve been taking baby steps to cut back on eating out Fridays and Saturdays. More recently, we’ve started a new Friday at-home cooking tradition, which will hopefully save us a few bucks!

We’ve also been on a mission to prove that eating at home–and eating healthy–doesn’t necessarily mean boring meals. I recently had a high blood pressure scare (more about that later), which kickstarted our efforts to think about the ingredients we use, read nutritional labels, and splurge in moderation.

This week, Matt tried making lobster risotto with peas, based off a modified version of this recipe. It was delicious! While risotto isn’t something we can always eat, we can have it once in a while. The reduced-sodium broth we used is also definitely something we’ll keep in our arsenal for the future!

Lobster Risotto with Peas


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