Favourite Spots: Joso’s (Toronto)

Unfortunately, the hubby isn’t feeling too well today (poor guy), so we’re spending a low-key night in. The upside is that it makes for good blogging time!

As mentioned in my first Favourite Spots post, one of the places I wanted to write about was Joso’s.

What keeps us going back? The siciliana spaghettini!

Years before Drake rapped about it in 5AM in Toronto, Joso’s was already a restaurant that my best friend C and her family knew well. To this day (and it’s been more than 20 years since she’s lived here), she still raves about the siciliana at Joso’s!

While there are a lot of pastas that are made from squid ink, this dish is different in that regular pasta is cooked with cuttlefish that’s simmered in its ink. It’s deceivingly unappetizing-looking, but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it—it’s AMAZING. I’ve been hooked since C got me to try it, and Matt, my friend A, and I get actual cravings for it!



On top of the regular menu, they also bring out a platter of fresh seafood that you can choose from; the server will go through each item, describing what it is, things like flavour and texture, and how it’s prepared (generally grilled with olive oil, salt, and pepper). It’s usually very good, but also pretty pricey.

Source: Joso's

Source: Joso’s

Overall, the restaurant’s décor is too eclectic for my taste, and I personally feel like it’s a little snooty—a lot of the clientele consists of older, richer people—so I don’t love the ambiance. But we’ll keep going back… just to get our siciliana fix on!

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