Where We Ate: Bestellen

wpid-img_20140406_204138.jpgLast Saturday, I celebrated my big 3-0, so it was a good of an excuse as any to eat, drink, and be merry! When my original plans to have a Spanish tapas dinner at Patria fell through, Matt came to the rescue. We had heard about Bestellen from various lists and articles, so he decided to give them a call, which ended up being a great idea! 💡

It was a family-style dinner, catered to our price point, which is pretty cool. My one pet peeve was that they repeatedly told Matt that they’d call to give us a menu the week leading up to my birthday, but they never did. I’m game with a surprise chef’s menu, and I understand that it’s based on what’s fresh that day, but my whole thing is that you shouldn’t say you’re going to do something (multiple times) if you’re really not going to! Overall, though, everything was delicious.

What We Ate

Disclaimer: I really don’t remember the menu all that well, so the descriptions below are horrible!

To Start: Arancini, Salad (not pictured), and Braised Short-Rib Pappardelle

I wish I had photos of the salad… all of these items were an amazing start to the meal!

wpid-img-20140406-wa0016.jpg wpid-img-20140406-wa0015.jpg

Mains: Brioche Buns, Porchetta (with Crackling), Kale, and Potato Salad

This was so good, but also really filling. We had a LOT of pork leftover that we all took home!

wpid-img-20140406-wa0018.jpg wpid-img-20140406-wa0013.jpg wpid-img-20140406-wa0005.jpg wpid-img-20140406-wa0007.jpg

Dessert: Carrot Cake

This photo doesn’t do it justice… this carrot cake was SO yummy!


All in all, it was a great time with good food and even better company! I would definitely go back and try Bestellen again!

Bestellen on Urbanspoon


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