About Our Happy Jar

I’m a Hong Kong girl living in a happy little neighborhood in Toronto with my husband. We’re a typical young couple trying to pay our mortgage, plan our future, and make the most of our day-to-day lives. And while I’m a natural-born worrier, I’ve been learning to let go and to appreciate the little things in life. For me, part of that process means documenting all the good things in it, so I started a happy jar (an actual mason jar filled with little slips of paper) with my husband so that we could jot down all the things we’re happy and thankful for. This blog will be an extension of that–documenting all the good food, good company, good times, and even the silver linings of not-so-good times so that I have a constant reminder that there are always things to be happy and grateful for. Welcome to our happy jar!


A beautiful photo of the Toronto city skyline taken by the hubby!

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