5 Days Until We Open Our Happy Jar!

I mention the origin of the name Our Happy Jar on my About page, but it seems like a good time to share the full story: on Monday, it’ll be a year since we started our “real” happy jar!

Happy Jar

The OG! 😉

When our first wedding anniversary came around, Matt and I had just recently purchased and renovated our current home (fun fact: this is our 5th place together in 9 years!). So to save a little money, we decided to make each other paper anniversary-themed gifts.

Matt stepped up his origami game and made monogrammed 3-D paper diamonds (my birthstone!):

Matt’s pretty crafty!

I decided to start a happy jar to store all our happy thoughts (based off of pins like these ones):

Where it all started!

At the time, it seemed like just a cute idea, but it’s turned out to be pretty great. It sounds silly and cliché, but appreciating the little things has made it easier to not sweat the small stuff (which is still a learning process for me). More importantly, it’s expanded into this blog! As I’ve said, it’s an extension of the physical mason jar—somewhere to document all the good things and good times (and the silver linings of not-so-good times) in my life.

Monday is our wedding anniversary, so we’ll be opening our happy jar to read all the notes we’ve made since last year. I’m sure there have been many moments (big and small) to be happy about and grateful for this past year… can’t wait to revisit them! ❤

Mini DIY Project: Creating Artwork Using Free Printables

While our home doesn’t exactly look like it could be featured in a home décor magazine, we have been adding little touches to make it our own unique little space. Because we’re decorating on a budget, I wish I was as crafty as many of the talented DIYers out there, but I have tackled some mini projects.

One of my more recent endeavors is to create artwork for our home. During the wedding planning process, I was introduced to the world of free printables, which came in handy for wedding, but has also proven useful now!

Wedding Chicks has an extensive collection of customizable DIY printables on their website, which I used to create this heart-shaped wreath monogram:

Heart Monogram

I also saw these adorable kitchen printables (from Over the Big Moon), which I loved because it’s in keeping with my current efforts to roll with the punches. I used Photoshop to change up the colors, printed and framed the images, and got Matt to put them up in our kitchen:

Kitchen Printables

Finally, I printed and framed the image below from a set of spring printables posted on the Paper Coterie blog. It currently resides in the 2nd floor guest bathroom because A) positive words are suitable anywhere and B) amazing things do happen in there (Matt calls the toilet in there “the throne”).

Amazing Things

Furniture-Related DIY Projects: Too Ambitious?

These were fairly straightforward, but I’m going to test the waters to see if I can up my DIY game a little more. We went through a phase where we liked the modern look of black-brown furniture (which still exist in our bedroom), but since we moved into our new home last year, most pieces in the living/dining room have been replaced with white, grey, and pale yellow items for a lighter, airier look.

The last man standing is our black-brown IKEA sideboard, which I bought off of a guy on Kijiji a couple years back. The only minor cosmetic change we made at the time was changing up the hardware, but I’m now exploring the idea of painting it white. I’m going to do my research to see if it’s even worth my time/money, but if there is a somewhat easy way to do it, I’m going to unleash my inner DIYer and drag Matt down that path with me… wish us luck!